You Can't Bury A Hurt

Clearing on Every Level
Still bitten by the pruning & clearing bug I overturned a pile of papers and unearthed the plan for a creative writing workshop I'd created & facilitated years before, specifically sited at a hardware store in Brighton. I'd spotted a sign outside inviting passers-by to visit the 'Secret Garden' at the back. Who could resist? As soon as I saw the place I knew I wanted to run a workshop there; the first of many sited in shops & businesses in the area. I'd read somewhere that it's impossible to bury a hurt or resentment - it's like burying a worm - it will always come up to the surface; so I wanted the workshop to address something that hadn't yet been resolved as a little bit of a challenge in one of the exercises. It worked. I like to mix fun with a therapeutic approach, when appropriate. Nature, the great healer, was there to help us along, even when it started to spot with rain....


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