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To Sleep, Perchance to Dream...'Our foster-nurse of nature is repose,' William Shakespeare
I wonder if he ever suffered from insomnia? My own can be spectacularly intense. Last night I tried a herbal remedy from one of my many books. Lavender tea. Success! Sweet sleep! A joy! [n.b. herbal remedies are healthy (& cheap!) but can have side-effects & contra-indications. I learned lavender is not good for young boys - it may promote breast-growth! Also, it appears that if someone strongly dislikes the smell, it may relate to abandonment issues! Comments following that revelation bore that out. Curiouser & curiouser!
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Years ago, after forgetting I'd put a hot iron on the floor, I walked into it and severely burned my leg: an angry red & painful mark appeared instantly. A moment's unthinking action. Fortunately, I'd had the forethought long before to stock my kitchen with lots of little Aloe Vera plants for just such an occasion! They came into their own again last week, day 1 of this project, when a friend visited with a scary-looking scald on his arm. I picked a leaf off a plant immediately, split it with my thumb nail & applied the soothing goo. Sorted. No scars.


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