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Flower Power: Wild about Foxgloves
I was a bit surprised, to say the least, when I went out into my back garden and spotted a magnificent Foxglove - where had that come from?! A very welcome visitor to my garden, nonetheless.
Later, I saw a pretty magnificent window display in a boutique in Lewes - such a handsome plant - and very effective - it stopped me in my tracks & insisted I take a picture.
Foxglove Folklore & Function
The name's origins are varied, but have a kind of Dr Jekyll / Mr. Hyde duality. For some they're 'folk's gloves' - belonging to the little people / faeries; or Our Lady's Gloves, referring to the Virgin Mary; others call them Witches' Gloves, or Dead Man's Bells. The strange truth is that they can be used to treat heart conditions (digitalis), but, too much, is deadly.
Gluten-Free Peace
It's also strange, but true, that when you commit to a project or course of action, the Universe conspires to help you ('pronoia'); and will stumble across, or be given, the exact things you need, sometimes before you know you need them! I was amazed to find a beautiful stalk of wheat in the gutter yesterday (I couldn't Not pick it up!) I've  been celebrating significant dates in history on Facebook every day. June 2nd, 1953, was the Queen's Coronation. I found  out some interesting things about her dress for the occasion. 
Designer Norman Hartnell worked through 9 proposed designs until both he and the Queen were satisfied. The Royal School of Needlework took 3,500 hours to embroider the flowers of each nation in the Commonwealth, including: the Tudor Rose; Welsh Leek, Scottish Thistle, Irish Shamrock, Canadian Maple Leaf, Indian Lotus etc. What Elizabeth didn't know when she took delivery of the dress, was that a 4-leaf clover had been added to the left side, so that  her hand would brush against it throughout the day. The dress was also adorned with wheat ears and olive branches - to symbolize Peace and Prosperity. I wondered, when I found my own personal wheat ear, whether it was a sign prosperity would appear in my life..... I certainly feel enriched by all my recent discoveries. Nature is bountiful in every way - an endless source book for artists, composers, scientists, designers....

'It's in the Bag...'
Or rather - on it! Going back to that idea of deciding on a project, which seems to usher in serendipity - the art of happenstance. I'd set off for the day with a bag I rarely use - it was the right colour for the day. On the train I happened to notice the flower motif on my bag, along with the ones on my dress and slip! On the way back to Lewes station I came upon a leather flower motif on the pavement! Nature decided to take a hand in jollying up my bag with a very welcome contribution, and having just come from a sewing class, it couldn't have been more apt!


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