The Nature of Introspection

Time in - Time Out
Thank God for gardens - even mine! My back's still painful & twinge-y, but I spent a lot of time in the garden yesterday and today clearing, pruning, and re-arranging; then hauling chairs out of my dilapidated shed & painting them; then hanging up washing & reading a good book with equally good coffee. And inspired by my poetry finds yesterday, while clearing indoors, I've started a file of Nature-related poetry. I liked this one by C. K. Williams, who I wasn't familiar with - an American poet who won the Pulitzer prize in 1999 with his collection entitled 'Repair'. He seems to use nature to good effect, almost as a prop, a poetic device to explore emotions in more depth; the other example of his work in 'Poems of the Year' edited by Neil Astley, published by Bloodaxe, 2003, is 'The Doe' - excellent! But today I'm posting 'Doves' - it touches on the recognition of not knowing bird, plant or tree names - the same thing this project made me acutely aware of. The beginning was a bit alarming, but it's true to life and touches on the aspect of clearing & pruning. Most apt. plus, it was fun creating quick 5-minute collages to accompany each set of 2 stanzas. Enjoy!


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