The Poetry of Nature

Cultivating Poetry
A friend arrived unexpectedly in search of bike inner tubes, knowing I had several possible sources stashed in my front & back gardens. We went on an expedition. I had to do some serious pruning just to clear a path! in the process I discovered my drain was blocked, so set about clearing it & protecting against it happening again (too much soil & decomposing slugs - Nature gets everywhere). We found an inner tube he could take away with him, along with a bike carcass to take to the dump. meanwhile, I'd been bitten by the clearing bug & returned to the wilderness armed with secateurs.....very satisfying. I also discovered a bike we had completely missed it had been so overgrown! Ooops! I also did my back in - pulling on some reluctant roots, so am now unable to stand straight. But the clearing bug came with me. I came across a couple of printed sheets of poetry I'd put together for a art & craft workshop for local residents Years ago., when we were working with a garden theme. I remembered another poem I'd recently found, and in my efforts to locate which anthology it had come from, found some other excellent examples. The 1st by Frank Kendon, 1934
I love poetry anyway, but it was a real treat to come across this garden of delights.


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