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Elderflower Magic
So I looked out for recipes to make elderflower cordial and was put off by the use of lemons which I prefer to avoid. I found instead recipes to make a couple of interesting vinegars: an elderflower one using white wine vinegar & from: a lovely recipe for 3-Flower Vinegar, which can be used as a beauty treatment (gorgeous toner); first aid (for sunburn, eczema, dry skin, liniment for tight, sore muscles); a refreshing drink (teaspoon of the concoction added to water with a little honey), or used in cooking or salads. Marvellous! I used my own lavender heads; rose petals & foraged elderflowers. I just have to keep the stuff in a cool, dark place, & stir occasionally for the next 2 weeks. It's so good to be doing this stuff instead of just thinking bout it! I knew this project would do me the World of Good, I was soooo excited when I signed up: it's been the best thing!
I also have some of the dried flowers to make tea, 1 tsp of dried elderflower per cup of tea, or 1 or 2 umbrels stuffed in a pot. Some might go into pancakes tomorrow when a friend comes to visit - another recipe I came across.
And since I was in the kitchen playing with flowers, I made a tidy bundle of the bits I'd stored to make a smudge stick - ok, so it's without the requisite sage, but has beautiful lavender, bay leaves, jasmine, rose petals....


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