Wild At Home

The 'Outback'
I'm wondering if 'wild' actually means neglected? Or, Free-range? Free rein? Free? My back-garden is now totally wild: a little bit exciting! I like it's bare-foot, long-haired style, and I love fresh flowers in the house.  The wildness adds up to: roses, forget-me-nots, harebells & jasmine (intoxicating scent!). Enough for a friend, too.
A recent visitor told me the lavender (& geranium) in the front garden is making leaving & arriving more of a challenge. I'm looking for things I can do with soooo much of it; perhaps make a bundle for 'smudging' - so I can do a little shamanic space-clearing (much needed!)
On my walk down to the sea front today I saw a sweet use of a tree-stump that had been cut down (Dutch Elm Disease?) An altogether tidier way of containing lavender: quite a contrast. City lavender, left; mine, right (ahem, almost blocking the front gate....)
I feel so lucky to live so close to the sea, a wonderful resource for so many things: art, making mobiles with hole-y stones, paddling & swimming, fresh air & bracing walks, picnics, great sunsets; a place to go to clear the mind, and inspire new ideas.....
The prom laid out a 'red carpet' of sorts: a bright colourful spread of poppies & marigolds - impossible to not feel cheered: 'Earth laughs in flowers,' Emerson.
A Wild Front
I've noticed a change over the past few years, I'm sure the flowers along the prom were a lot more formal than they are now - they have more of a meadow-like feel - more wild! I've noticed that's become more common further into the city, too, where small patches of land beside empty house are now a haven for bees & truly a sight for sore eyes, rather than the eye-sore they would have naturally been left to become before we became more environment-conscious.
I was very pleased to hear a visitor, a couple of nights ago, comment on the number of bees enjoying my geraniums; glad to be doing my bit to help them along.


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