City Limits

City Limits?
Nature knows no limits! Walls are to climb all over; seeds go where they will. I'd like to feel that Free. Being stalked by smartphone 'gamers' these past 2 years, my joy of walking has been seriously curtailed, barely leaving the house in all that time & regretting any time I did (replays of horrible experiences later; ptsd). This project has been a wonderful impetus to focus on more important things, the irrepressible nature of Nature! Unafraid to be seen; glorious in its defiance! Rather than looking to check who's making my life miserable (though it makes them happy) I'm now going out, just little forays, with a definite purpose: to reclaim my life & connect with Mother Nature. I'm so grateful  for this month-long challenge:  I overcame my reluctance to go out & came across a more natural obstacle - spilling out from someone's front garden, blocking my path - beautifully!
Nature finds a way of asserting itself; I can learn from Her! So many pave their front gardens or gravel them, nature fights back - with colourful  persistence. Bravo!
The Nature of Change
I feel fortified by the desire to seek out examples of how Nature creates its own laws: squatting derelict buildings, or foliage-bombing anything outdoor in an on-going battle between our desires to cultivate, renovate, desecrate; & Nature's rebellious refusal to give way & just let that happen. I'd made myself go out - to the bank - but wanted to stretch further, popping into the graveyard of my old primary school's church of St. Andrews, Hove, where Sir George Everest, Surveyor-General of Mount Everest (which was named in his honour), is buried. I was shocked at the extent of erosion of the grave stones near the main road in just these past few years; almost obliterated. So sad. My old school, which was a most beautiful cobble & knapped flint building, was demolished to make way for a commercial freezer centre, now no more, either.
A large part of the ancient graveyard was paved over to provide a carpark for a big supermarket.
I was walking over memories, that other visitors might be utterly unaware of; history - buried under concrete. Nature heals the wound in many ways, with beauty & colour, but it still hurts a little.


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