Go! - Wild in Bristol

Free Range Chicken
That would be me! Thanks to a friend accompanying me. Cowed for too long by all the trauma brought up by the smartphone trolling experience, which put me off leaving the house for these past two & a half years; it was a Joy to be out & about - helped enormously by 30dayswild & good friends. We were in for a good start. At Brighton station I bumped into an old friend Ocean & her son Forest (How appropriate is that?!). Was also allowed to borrow a wonderful book from the traveller's lounge 'The Naturalist's Garden' - beautiful!
Discovered a pack of 'flower Spirit' cards in the room I was staying. I drew: Ox-Eye Daisy: 'If we can allow ourselves to sit with & experience all that is, then we can transmute any pain into consciousness & bliss. First we need to know how we fee where we are & how we are. l, then we can move past the resistance & without judgement accept exactly. Just sit & notice if you'd rather avoid or run away from yourself. Surrender & accept this. Be in the moment with all your feelings.  learn to access deep calm. Start to live your life beyond all resistance.....'

Alternative City Zoo
I've never been to Bristol Zoo, but encountered its alternative right in the midst of the City: A wondrous & extraordinary collection of beast & fowl; mythical & magical, realistic, artistic civic pride. A city safari. A nature trail with a difference. The art of nature set in stone, concrete, bronze, wood & synthetic materials - all beautiful to behold! Iguana by Julian P. Warren www.metalgnu.com 

Great fun to see the world around me with new appreciative eyes (though I may be driving friends crazy stopping to take photos all the time), but its so easy to miss what's right under our noses: treasures that are there all the time, yet in visible, like 'wallpaper'.
I spy with my little eye....
something beginning with - imagination. I like the goose that takes on the tail of a peacock - a great concept for a business. We can be creative with every aspect of Life - why be limited by the familiar & the usual, when we can create something entirely new & fresh?

I even spotted a Wildlife Trust vehicle -  native to the area, and saw that there's a Festival of Nature starting today 8-25th June from Bristol to Bath.

Now that I've ventured out - I may need to go back: Always more to do & see, especially when you 'live your life beyond resistance....and live more in the moment. An expansive sense of bliss is the reward....' wildlifetrusts.org/30DaysWild



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